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Professor Peng GONG

Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor
(Academic Development), The University of Hong Kong

Peng Gong is Chair Professor of global sustainability at The University of Hong Kong. He built the Department of Earth System Science at Tsinghua University and served as Dean of School of Sciences at Tsinghua. He also served as the founding director of Tsinghua Urban Institute. He had previously taught at the University of Calgary and the University of California, Berkeley. His major research interests include mapping, monitoring and modeling of global environmental change, and modelling of environmentally related infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis, avian influenza, dengue and COVID-19, and healthy and sustainable cities. He is the author/co-author of over 600 articles and 8 books. He chaired/co-chaired 8 Lancet Commission reports on climate change and health, and healthy cities in China.

Mr. Chiu Ying LAM

Chairman of the Hong Kong
Countryside Foundation

Lam Chiu Ying is a meteorologist by profession and conservationist by practice.  He served as the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory in 2003-2009.  He is a Chartered Meteorologist of the Royal Meteorological Society and was elected Honorary Fellow for his contributions to international meteorological cooperation and his advocacy work for climate change.  He is veteran bird-watching and spearheaded the promotion of bird-watching as a common hobby in Hong Kong.  He was a co-author of Birds of Hong Kong and South China, the standard reference for bird-watchers for decades.  He is now the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Bird Watching.  Mr Lam is well-known for his effort to protect country parks from building developments as well as his objections to big engineering projects that will damage natural habitats.  He is the chairman of the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation and has been actively involved in the revitalisation of Lai Chi Wo Village in the past decade.  He is an active public speaker on climate change, conservation and sustainability.  He also maintains an active presence on the internet through social media.

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Mr. Patrick TAM

Former HKEAA
Assessment Manager

A Practical Understanding of the Compulsory Modules  in the HKDSE Geography Curriculum

Blue Skies


Paper and poster presentations by University staff and students, with topics including, but not limited to:

  • Applied geography

  • Behavioral geography, public health, good health and well-being

  • Biogeography and sustainable terrestrial ecosystem

  • Cryosphere and polar geography

  • Economic geography, sustainable economy, consumption and production

  • Geographic information science/system, remote sensing, cartography, spatial analysis and modeling

  • Global environmental change and climate change

  • Hazards, risks, and disasters

  • Historical geography

  • Political, cultural, ethical geography, gender equality, and poverty

  • Secondary geography education

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Sustainable coastal and marine

  • Sustainable population, energy and environment

  • Transportation geography

  • Travel and tourism geography

  • Urban geography, planning, and resilience

  • Water resources, clean water and sanitation

Submission Deadline:

25 OCT 2022
(extended to 7 NOV 2022)

All are welcome
(Except RPG students)

For RPG students only



( In alphabetical order ​​​)


( In alphabetical order ​​​)

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